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Bra's hair is not in a ponytail while in this form; and is much more spikier than the basic Super Saiyan transformation, while still having the yellow aura around her. Bra realizing the massive destruction she has caused, "Don't go Super Saiyan 2, Bra. Later, when she fought Gotenks, she created a massive energy ball that would have put the Lookout at risk and when Gotenks braced himself to deflect it away to prevent anyone getting hurt, Bra took him by surprise and pulled his pants down. After she fires them, Cold charges at her, with his sons cheering him on, and Gohan and Pan in a panic, Cold delivers a heavy blow to her stomach, making her cough blood. Cryorex. [52], Spirit Sword: The same technique Vegetto used against Buu, this move is a powerful sword that can cut even a Death Sauzer. It is hinted that Bulma told her about having a tail from one of the pages of a Universe 16 special. Vegetto tells her she has a self-control problem to take care of. Bra turns into a Super Saiyan and claims Gotenks will be a pushover. Bra has bright purple hair which she usually keeps in a ponytail. Upon stretching just the index and middle finger, the user can make their opponent violently explode. Bra easily deflects them back at Cold which angers him. — Gohan, to Bra, in "XXI". I'm too powerless. suscribance. 6:36. [40], Instantaneous Movement: The unique teleportation ability to go anywhere, even if ki cannot be sensed. SSJ2 Kid Gohan VS Pre-Majin SSJ2 Vegeta Discussion in 'Dragon Ball Battledome' started by Cryorex, Mar 31, 2020. "You don't seem to have understood, demon. So a SSJ2 power up is needed to just be near Dabura's power. but it is just shocking. The two desperate Nameks then begin firing multiple Special Beam Cannons at Bra while Gohan of Universe 16 holds on to her legs to prevent her from escaping. She is extremely amoral, if not outright ruthless. [19] Initially due to a desire to challenge and train herself further she carries weighted clothes (given by Piccolo, who made the clothing weigh several tons) into the gravity ring. To end the fight, Bra transports Eleim a hundred light years away, waits until the time limit ends, and retrieves him. Upon becoming a Super Saiyan , Bra killed Zangya with an air pressure attack that slammed her against a wall. However Bra's plan to kill Zangya to make Bojack angry did not work, due to him not caring at all for his henchmen's death. On an unnamed planet, Bra's father, Vegetto, overhears. While to two Gohans plan their attack, Bra, who anticipates their plan, hits Gohan of Universe 18 with a hard blow, sending him flying past the Grand Supreme Kai and into the apartments. Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [7] [8] In her childhood, she felt insecure about her power; that she was weak, therefore making her transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time. I feel like this might fall under the plagiarism rules. 5:09. --Ssj3gogeta96 14:40, October 11, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96 Look, we all know SSJ3 Goku was holding back against Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - SS Gohan VS Majin Vegeta, DK Dabura, Majin Buu (Story Battle 30) Yuva. Gohan warns Bra if she doesn't stop, he'll stop her by using more force, which makes her madder since this proves he was holding back against her, and attacks Gohan with a ki blast. When Gohan greets her by calling her "Bra", Bra questions why he called her Bra, and angrily tells him she wants to be referred to as "Son Bra". Those are killers in an even fight. [49], Dirty Fireworks: The same technique Vegeta used to kill Cui in many universes. Bra is a sixteen year old of slender yet moderately muscular frame and fairly tall height. A similar feeling is shared by the other Bra. Bra only got so far because of her genetics. Used on U18 Gohan to land a critical punch. With Bra and Pan laughing at him, Gotenks prepares an attack, but Vegetto intervenes, while Bra teases him. MAJIN BUU BEATS MORO! Eleim does not believe her. wuau que gran dibujo de la pelea de caulifla vs majin bra esa sombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho amigo es un gran trabajo. Bra, who survives the blast, realizes that her remaining glove had been destroyed thus the senzu beans she concealed in her glove had been destroyed as well, uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport Gohan several light years away from the arena and leaves him there, then returns to the arena to deliver a kick to Cell's face, who was attempting to kill Babidi during her absence. It is likely that Bra is aware that she once had a tail. [9] Bra also takes pride in being a member of the Son family, but her mother does not like for her to be called "Son Bra".[10]. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!! Despite Salagir using "Brief" as her last name (and. Bra's slime clone technique wins it for her as well as her handy dandy senzu gloves. Bra returns to the ground after the attack, severely wounded and at near death, she collapses to the ground, unable to move. [44], Kamehameha: A powerful azure energy wave that can deal massive damage. She said nothing to anyone from Universe 18 and kept to herself until the death of her niece, Pan, at the hands of Bojack. "Dad! Bra cannot control herself while in this form; Gohan even warns the Supreme Kai's about her deadly transformation.[60]. She returns just before the countdown to barrage, Eleim with energy blasts. [11], "She's so cute as a little Saiyan!!" Despite Vegetto being her father, she bears little-to-no physical resemblance to him and looks completely like Bulma. His rage also causes boosts in power and allows him to tap into his potential past what he is normally capable of. A transformation unique to the Saiyan race where the user becomes a large, anthropomorphic, monkey-like monster and their power increases by ten-fold. She trains hard and wants to become the strongest warrior in the entire universe. One of their training schedules involved the two of them going one lap around the entire Earth. In her weighted clothing, she wears a long-sleeved purple shirt with long black baggy pants with a white obi and training gloves and white boots. As Gohan of Universe 16 and Universe 18 try to convince Bra to resist the sorcerer's manipulation, she claims that she is free from all her pressure and worries thanks to him, and now that she can sustain the Super Saiyan 2 form perfectly, she decides to test her newfound boost in power on the two Gohans. She nearly lost to a weaker opponent (Ginyu with King Cold's body) because of her pride. Bra's most noticeable aspect of her personality is her over-inflated ego; she acts rude and looks down at her opponents as nothing but trash compared to her. Bra is then hit by a ki attack which she struggles to deflect. Most notably, during her fight with "King Cold", she hid senzu beans in her glove and ate them after being viciously beaten by him. He is ALREADY Better than Gohan and Majin Vegeta summon statistics wise. Not outside of a match!" At six-years-old, Bra gained access to the Super Saiyan form; she was already extremely powerful, even powerful enough to battle Super Saiyan Gotenks as a Super Saiyan and Gohan in her base form. Facebook. Bra is also the most powerful Saiyan/Human hybrid to exist, as she surpasses all of her siblings in power, durability and speed. You're outclassed a thousand times. Gohan has been in more serious fights; but she takes training much more seriously, and since she only recently surpassed Gohan and still isn't even close to Vegito most of that is going to be against superior opponents. In an official artwork, Bra is shown wearing an attire similar to that of Future Trunks. Eleim explains that his whole universe is in danger of being consumed by the Carbonite and that he has to win in order to remove it. It lands on Bra's glove but she is quick witted enough to remove the glove. [50], Spiral Flash (Unnamed): A seemingly powerful dual-shot energy blast that charged just like Vegeta's Final Flash. After she barely deflects the ki attack, she is wounded, Cold sends several beams from his fingers targeting Bra. She then uses Spirit Scythe to attack Cold. Carbonite, a grey goo like substance which destroys all matter. Cell has tricks from having all the z fighters attacks so he could win againts Adult gohan based on those. Enraged SSJ2 Gohan vs. Majin Vegeta SSJ2 - Page 4. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegetto orders his daughter to turn Super Saiyan, Bra replies that she can only turn Super Saiyan when she's angry. Despite this, Vegetto forgave Bra, knowing that she had not intended to kill Zangya. While everyone is watching the fight, Bulma warns Gotenks (referring to him as Trunks) to go easy on his sister. Then she screwed against that Heloite girl. Bra stayed inside Cold's body for a long while, until obtaining her body back once again with the help of Vegetto. After a long battle with "King Cold", Bra came out victorious in her battle with him, leaving him critically injured. Bildir. [22][23] She was also able to kill Zangya of Universe 6 with a single air pressure attack as a Super Saiyan. I could squash you with my breath. This should be an interesting topic. Meanwhile Bra becomes angry at Gohan of Universe 18 and Cell, until she hears a scream from behind her. [24] And upon seeing her becoming a Super Saiyan, U18 Son Goku astonishingly announces that perhaps she was stronger than anybody in his universe.[25]. 10:57. As a child in the special "Universe 16: Son Bra's little problem", Bra wears a short-sleeved purple shirt with black shorts and golden boots. Bra also gains reality warping, the ability to transform people into ducks, revival of the dead, creation of clothes, and has the power to give people better mustaches. See more of Nanatsu Latinoamerica on Facebook. "I did what I could..." He is also A featured card which Gohan and Majin Vegeta wasn't. UnrealEntGaming 74,687 views. As shown in the minicomics, Bra achieves a new form after merging with Fat Buu. Her devotion towards him is comparable to that of Universe 18's Dabura, always addressing him as "master" and going out of her way to protect him from harm with no ulterior motives. [33], Ki Blast: Concentrated energy blasts that can be fired at various intervals. If Super Buu couldn't do anything against Gohan then surely Gotenks couldn't do anything against Gohan too right? Restrictions: Gohan is not allowed rage boosts beyond the power he displayed against Full Power-Perfect Cell. Log In. Buu congratulates her on her strength, though concludes that she cannot catch him. Stomped 2 Mystic Gohan.Born with When Eleim threatened to use the Carbonite on the ring if she doesn't forfeit, which would put the entire audience and the contestants at risk, including her own family, Bra simply laughs it off and mocks Eleim for thinking that she would make the "noble choice." When Bra sees Phipsil and Nedwook of Universe 19, who were seemingly killed by Cell, firing blasts at Babidi to break the barrier protecting him, Bra grabs Babidi by the cape and flies off with him in order to protect him. Salagir sees Bras as a "Half Double-Saiyan", thus her Saiyan side is very strong within her that makes her highly competitive and violent. In a special chapter "Universe 16: Vegetto's heiresses", Bra wea… Later that day, Bra, along with the Z-Fighters, are on Kami's Lookout. [54], Afterimage Technique: The ability to leave a afterimage via extreme burst of super speed. Dragonball FighterZ Majin Boo Son Gohan Kid Boo. But you'll see. As a child, she was willing to hold the Earth hostage when she sparred against Gohan and grew upset that she was weaker than him and couldn't win on power alone. She uses this form to fight Zen Buu. Sure Gohan screwed up against Cell too but it's pretty clear he wouldn't have done it … Other than Trunks, Bra has appeared in the most of the manga covers of Multiverse. Also Vegeta has control over his own mind and no influence by Babidi. — Bra, to King Cold, in "The new abilities of fusion". Majin Vegeta Vs SSJ2 Teen Gohan. Not wanting to resort to the dangerous Level Two, Bra manages to use Instant Transmission to escape the onslaught and remove her weighted clothes. ! Bra, probably due to her warrior personality and a reference to her name, wears a lavender sports bra hence her name meaning "wonderbra" or "brassiere" during most of her appearances. Text EDIT #2: Okay I guess now I'm really cheating here, cuz unlike the U18 Bra ones, Mini Cell Jr and Gohan aren't Majin Bra or an alternate version of U16 Bra, but IDGAFRA (I don't give a flying rat's ass) cuz this is my thread and if you don't like it then you can go an make your own god damn thread. — Bra, after obtaining her body back, in "Drop the act!". Leanorakelsie 6736. This is one of the best articles on this wiki and it has been featured on the main page.See Category:Featured article for other featured articles. 549 Anime Fans. Even with Vegetto and Gohan, the fight proved difficult, and Bra resorted to the Super Saiyan 2, which her father had forbidden her to do, due to its extremely deadly power and she did not yet have full control over it. Although entrusted to become a guardian of the universe like her father, Bra does not take her job seriously. [24], Instant Transmission: The ability to teleport anywhere long as ki can be sensed. In a few seconds, you'll see." She becomes angry because she can't become a Super Saiyan, and, because her father and Gohan are so powerful. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? She would be more ruthless, but since the stats are equalized for some reason (sigh) there would be no difference in power. Then she screwed against that Heloite girl. Daha fazla videoya gözat. Bra dislikes her canon counterpart from Universe 18, seeing the girl's lack of interest in training, martial arts, along with her self-absorbed attitude as a total waste. She also regains her tail while in this form. The Saiyan hybrid defends herself by creating a barrier around her entire body, easily deflecting the attacks coming from the two Piccolos; however, Cell fires a full-power Special Beam Cannon at her, causing the barrier to break and her left arm amputated, but she manages to grab the glove worn by her now amputated left arm and eats the senzu beans concealed in her glove, regenerating her arm and she attacks Cell with a punch and slams Cell onto the ground with a second punch. During her time in the tank with the Frost Demons watching her, Freeza realizes their father had been dead for a long time and that it was actually Ginyu taking the identity of their father and deceiving deceiving Cold's sons. /end-fake-anger-rant Because of many fans calling Bra a "Mary Sue" (a Mary Sue being a character who has little-to-no flaws and connections to a lot of characters), Salagir created the joke character. Bra quickly lost the transformation when Dende permanently removed her tail. After some time in the Chamber, Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma await their return. — Bra, in "The taste of revenge", Bra's first fight was against Zangya of Universe 6.[18]. Two years later, when Bra was two-years-old, she and her father came to the celebration of Pan's birth. He tells her that if it misses her it will hit the audience. [58], Spirit Scythe (Unnamed): Seemingly a upgraded version of her Spirit Sword technique, Bra clamps both of her hands together above her before generating a powerful scythe reminiscent to a crescent moon. Was used as an Majinized Super Saiyan 2 to protect Babidi from U18 Gohan instead of finishing off U17 Cell. If we use your scale that SSG=SS4 and SSB=SS5, then Kefla would be a SS6 tier Vs Bra's SS4, possibly SS5. I don't need Super Saiyan or even my hands or my feet. In spite of her conviction of her own power, it's shown several times that her only goal when fighting is to win and is willing to use underhanded tactics to do it. In the events of the Dragon Ball Multiverse manga, Bra wears a purple sports bra, and low-set black shorts that are slightly above her knees, with white training gloves and shoes. They are all blood lusted and out to kill, the Gohan I am refering to is from the cell arc. She was also able to overpower Cell of Universe 17 even after his regeneration. Eleim then says he will use it again and apologizes for her death. Goku4869 Edited May 5, 2020. Bra is also shown to not be pure of heart, as she was able to be possessed by the evil wizard Babidi and she claims she let him possess her because she was, in her own words, "too human", and claims all her life she has had conscience issues, a fear of being judged, and being pushed to "protect the worthless", showing she did not care for the lives she has protected as the guardian of the universe.

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