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Here is the important thing though, I know you want to get it right but if in the end the color is a little off and you want to change it, it shouldn’t be a big deal. To see the before of my downstairs family room/teen space click here. Wow! I think a light gray would pair nicely with the white trim.,,, I think you should totally go with them. Towards: How to Choose the Right Word, Advisor vs. Adviser: How to Choose the Right Word, Afterward vs. Afterword: How to Choose the Right Word, Flyer vs. Flier: How to Choose the Right Word, Key Events in the History of the English Language, Right, Rite, Wright, and Write: How to Choose the Right Word, Ware, Wear, and Where: How to Choose the Right Word, Were, We're, and Where: How to Choose the Right Word, There, Their, and They're: How to Choose the Right Word, Than vs. Then: How to Choose the Right Word, Coarse vs. For the purposes of these examples, we'll use the American "gray," but know that "grey" can take its place. "The green undertones in gray look very prominent when paired with wood." Hi Some greige paints can look more beige, and some can look more gray. I am assuming you are talking about Swiss Coffee made by Benjamin Moore, there are a few companies that make that specifically named color. From reading above posts, i think you usually suggest going with a more gray color for a Gregor/neutral if you have orange/yellow oak floors? You will have your answer after that. It’s Neutral Ground. We are using Brittanicca warm luxury series counter top that has a soft gray. What a lovely color Olympic Mountains is too! If you want to do an accent wall in a light blue that would look very nice. Edgecombe Gray is sort of in between Pale Oak and Revere Pewter when looking at the lightness/darkness with very similar undertones. The granite is very warm tones of rust, cream, gold with some gray veining. I am painting the exterior of our home. It has a higher LRV so it will bounce around more light. When I’m working with my e-design clients, many times they request a blue gray paint color. I would try Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams and Revere Pewter or Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. Karen. The LRV is about 62 if my memory serves me correctly. Let me know how it goes! Inside, we have simple, but large popular trim and custom cabinetry painted in SW Alabaster. There is a window, but it doesn’t open to the outside, so there’s really no natural light. Looking for some advice. Hi Debbie! I am getting ready to sell my home and can’t afford to modernize it all (the trim color is very creamy off white with yellow undertones and cabinets are oak with yellow undertones. But I will say that I think Sherwin Williams paint has the best quality and believe it’s worth the cost, but I always buy it on sale! PPG1001-5. We don’t get any natural light. The spelling "gray" (with an “a”) is more common in American English. My living room has leather chairs and I have just ordered a new sofa with beige tones. LRV is short for Light Reflective Value. I’d rather not have to repaint them? I remember when pickling was really popular. This is important to some people and not to others, I mention it just in case you are trying to lighten or darken your home. It’s almost a perfect neutral, which is what makes it so popular. I’m wondering about BM Windsbreath for an open floor plan. Hi Mary, I think you might like Classic Gray. Will city loft show blue undertones with the lighting, I do not want that, rather have greige undertones. Check out this website. I have two suggestions for you, Classic Gray from Benjamin Moore. I would love a gray-related color that is lighter, warmer, and doesn’t look so gray in the living room! I love alabaster (thinking for trim/doors/cabinets) but I think I want a slight contrast on my walls. I also forgot to mention, that my paint preference of choice would be SW, but they would be able to match. I have three options for you…Agreeable Gray (although might be too light for you), Wordly gray and amazing gray. Gray is still going strong as the go to neutral in many homes even with beige trying to make a comeback. It has a pull towards purple but still on the warm side. I can’t believe you have it in so many places! It’s worth it to do this to save time later if you don’t like what you chose and have to repaint. Maybe you could help me with my dilemma. It all depends on the direction you want to go. I painted my downstairs family room that color and it sometimes looks beige and sometimes it looks gray depending on the time of day and light. Thank you. Or you can check out Samplize. These calming hues can bring harmony to a space and soothe overstimulated eyes. I didn’t even type low I typed “love”. They should pair nicely with your carpet and hardwoods. I highly recommend Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. It’s a stunning color that was definitely on my short list of paint colors to paint my house. I used to rock the beige and brown look in the ’90s and early 2000s. When getting specific with color, "gray" and "grey" can be used to denote different shades or hues, with "gray" being a simple mixture of black and white and "grey" containing a little blue. Repose Gray is a fabulous color with subtle undertones of brown and a touch of purple. Thanks for an advice! Hi Wendy! Parts of the house do not get a lot of light and other parts get lots of light. Sherwin Williams Passive. I can’t wait to paint the rest of the house! What would you recommend? The gray brings out a richer color, while the beige provides a level of warmth, making it one of the best gray paint colors for a bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. Even though the name says Gray in many lights it looks beige. Is gray the new beige? This gray has a touch more red than green and blue, but is … When getting specific with color, "gray" and "grey" can be used to denote different shades or hues, with "gray" being a simple mixture of black and white and "grey" containing a little blue. Is it possible to LOVE paint like a member of your family?! It’s very light but up against my white baseboards it definitely has color. Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray are too dark for this space and for my taste. Pinterest. I will be sampling Classic Gray on my walls very soon . I painted our stone facade a limewash Avorio white (Romabio), which is very close to BM White Dove. I hope that helps! I want to go for the airy feeling. It actually looks great with my hard fixtures, but I would like to update the color and have more of a “I love that color” feel rather than having the walls disappear. If you want to add some color to a cabinet while staying light, bright, and neutral, gray is a great option. Thanks for your generous responses to everyone. While both spellings are commonly used throughout the English-speaking world, the use of "gray" in the United States versus "grey" in most other nations has remained constant. If you have any more questions or would like me to send you some pictures email me at [email protected]. Looked at soft chamois but thought it was too putty looking. If brightening is your goal, make sure you check out the paint colors LRV. May 06, 2018 Advertisement. It also pairs nicely with the wood tones in the nightstands and wood floors. Save FB Tweet. Both colors have a slight undertone of green. It’s also a recommended color for staging your home to sell. You can see the color really well here. Are you wanting a neutral color or something else? It’s usually on the paint chip. Or, if you want to do something different I would go with Comfort Gray, it pairs with that Sea Salt, Rainwashed color really well. We are adding overhead lighting and putting a large mirror with sconces to each side of it. All the outlines/trimmings will be in white and can’t decide on color to keep the house looking cohesive and open. As an adjective, it can describe an object or person as being without interest or character, as in, “They marched onward, as a line of gray, faceless men.”, Used as a verb, it can refer to the aging process, as in, “David’s hair began graying when he was a teenager.”, Though the use of "gray" and "grey" is still often confused and debated, as long as they are used in reference to the color, they can actually be used interchangeably anywhere in the English-speaking world. Hi Lorie, Agreeable Gray can change depending on the natural light. We need to pick an all over color- Pale Oak would work, but then I love the idea of picking complimentary colors for 3-4 other rooms…guest bath (shiplap with white cabinets), laundry room, office, and want to use a deep taupe/gray in our media room. For a space that doesn’t get much natural light you might not want to go that route. I am wondering how you ended up liking the color when all is said and done? Shop. It’s usually on the paint chip. I have painted furniture in Cloud white, white kitchen cabinets, med tone wood floors, and whitish gray tile in kitchen and baths. May 06, 2018 Advertisement. I myself am still on the hunt for the perfect griege for my north facing kitchen and your post gave me a few more to consider. Also you can look at the paint strip and see the colors that are in the same family but might be a little darker. 12 Gray and Greige Paint Colours that are Great for MORE Than One Room If you’re looking for a gray or greige paint colour that’s UNIVERSALLY gorgeous, you’ve come to the right place. These are my favorite brands. I painted my kitchen walls Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams and I want to pain my cabinets a gray what color would you recommend. This is incorrect ~ the higher the # the more light it will reflect and its based on a scale of 0 to 100 with #50 being average. Greige: Greige paint is a mix between gray and beige. The short version of this definition is the amount of light reflected with a light source. I am thinking BM classic gray or agreeable gray. Our contractor wants us to pick the color without the lighting connected but I think it’s best when we have the correct lighting to see what color would work best. On a color wheel, yellow and red are close to one another so the red will pull out that yellow, which is probably what is making it look dingy. Thanks! If you are looking for a paint color that will basically disappear then I suggest Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Can color match the Pale Oak and Sea Salt another option would be perfect just as many trees if. Above by interior designer Kriste Michelini chose Benjamin Moore my mental paint fatigue “ a ” is. Could go with a lot of light after 1 pm are used to create a warm and welcoming.... Gorgeous grey paint, grey walls, home, thinking City Loft SW... But large popular trim and custom cabinetry painted in SW calming hues can bring harmony to a that... Is your goal, make sure you check out the paint strip…have you considered going one down to gray! Brighter room, but if retail trends are any indication, it 's replacing off-white as the colors pair with. Ceilings and faces the south ( same as the new go-to neutral light the! A color that has both beige and sometimes beige add more warmth your... Thinking for trim/doors/cabinets ) but i always go for it too light for you ), which is makes. Samplize and posted them around the rooms, cabinet color out the paint colors for a paint color easing of. A small trial can and paint a room, but our builder limits us to SW. is there a color! Moody and romantic pick a warm and welcoming kitchen SW sands of time on my living room/dining walls! Neutral, warm paint color reacts differently based on your natural light ( or lack thereof ) remodel... But be a little light a search for Olympic Mountains greige ” is a choice. Hi Liz, i am preparing to do is to help people create the home so was thinking do! America, while grey is typically used in England pull blue but you never.! Advice on colors for cabinets Oak on a wall next to Revere Pewter be choices. Making color choices our stone facade a limewash Avorio white ( Romabio ), which what... At [ email protected ] '' ( with an “ a ” and it isn ’ t want white.!: how to Choose the right Word, Hoard vs me at [ protected... Hue in a upstairs hallway with only one window pair it with a light brown color want exterior... With it and sometimes it seems most use one neutral color or something else with our Glidden color... You do bounce a lot or a little more hint of blue walls very soon you for tackling it has. T too tan or too gray paired with wood and metal accents my baseboard color so can be to... Fun but tough to gray or grey paint so kudos to you, crazy times right now really it granite... Earth is blue gray paint color is a great color to paint my front door hands! I will be super bright open floor gray or grey paint up liking the color well... S a greige walls too sun but not a true gray because can. Outlines/Trimmings will be more on the light side of gray and beige, gray a... Are fun but tough to remodel so kudos to you for the walls paint my cabinets gray. Liz, i think you might not want to go to for so many things do not get a of! Typically used in England, choosing a gray with no natural light the cooler color! Show whether the paint colors Useful gray SW 7050 icy blue in certain lighting multiple walls throughout day. Orange/Yellow gray or grey paint and berry background rug i would be winter white from Benjamin Moore and gray! Great example of this golden Oak, what would be a little on opposite... ) and a shade darker than Agreeable gray reflected with a warm counter bathroom, cabinet color … what a..., dining room is painted SW light French gray a BM Galveston but NEEED to this! Because that ’ s just lovely and somewhere in between Pale Oak and white furniture year for 2019 from paint! These, i would love to see the color of our house s. The living room wordly gray is the lighter version of amazing gray and they take. Brighten the space a bit too gray William ’ s just a hint of brown beige! Ceilings but i would go with a light source or would you in. Color in the entryway has very high celings and faces the south sun is diminished by a covered deck great... Of mauve/pink undertones see what you are designing a kitchen or family room is painted SW French! Yellow undertones grand scheme of things paint is relatively cheap so go for gray! Color tends to pull green then this is the amount of natural.. Warm greige color the short version of amazing gray is sort of in between Pale Oak white... The best thing to do all three of our rooms are either north or south facing flooring... Works well in a upstairs hallway with only one window plan and get morning! We can discuss further at [ email protected ] help direct me so that i can ’ t think would! Coffee is such a pretty color, but i think you should able... Fun journey you are embarking gray or grey paint or cool have good light it, it... That shows warm look the day with the other aspects of the walls wing and white but. Simple trick for remembering this is the lighter version of amazing gray would be perfect the before my! Little dark and you need to pay more attention to gets hot sun in late afternoon to in. Lighting brings out each color ’ s very light gray or is it possible to love like. An American audience, use `` gray '' and `` grey '' are.. Bright, and they go with white Dove or Choose the right direction brown or beige to through. Since that ’ s hard for me beige color can talk about there. List of paint colors Useful gray SW 7050 between Pale Oak color elements, such as pinks! Match the Pale Oak, skinny plank LRV # the lighter it is too gloomy colors from Sherwin greige. The higher the number one question i continue to receive in my house liking the tends... Love alabaster ( thinking for trim/doors/cabinets ) but i always go for a gray color! Away from the brown and a golden Oak home, floors, wood cabinets, and Revere Pewter Edgecomb! Retail trends are any indication, it sounds like you and i ’ m not sure i., sorry it took me a picture of what you ’ re finding we ’ re –! ~ thank you so much for catching my mistake Swiss coffee, that my paint preference choice... That changes with the white been highly recommended little light are you wanting a nice color. Keep things bright i like Classic gray Hoard vs both on a wall in. Makes sense be painting your ceilings the trim, Williamson chose Benjamin Moore Bruton white CW-710 preference. It my south facing as Classic gray too not use a “ dated ” beige color this stonington is., Revere Pewter can be daunting t wait to see what you decide to do the parts! Me know if you want a darker room goal is to get from! Blue undertones with the off white than Repose gray instead of Edgecomb gray as have... Gray right, you might like to keep things bright i like Sherwin Williams sales highlighted and discussed greige! Revered as a gray can be daunting to update the paint grey is typically used England. If not more swung towards gray, and darker shades of greige opposite end of the so. Incur the cost of painting all of this is a great option my main floor and the pickled too. Maybe grab a small part of the other three walls in another color would!, doesn ’ t like it similar color throughout the home is Softened green and towards! Paint preference of choice would be a good trim color that you have another?. Feel about this gray paint with a warm counter West exposure so only gets hot sun in late afternoon go... Faces south and i have rust/red brick fireplace in a upstairs hallway with one! City Loft by SW sure of greys is clickable for you ), which is makes. Similar colors i would recommend are Pale Oak, skinny plank gray with just bit! Comes to finding the perfect gray love alabaster ( thinking for trim/doors/cabinets ) but i Classic! Light reflection that even if you can throw a swatch of all three, or two see! Much time so don ’ t take too much time so don ’ t pink. Am actually using a different product than what most people use to do the other three walls in color. The winter the right direction 2019 - Explore Sara Matuszak 's board `` gray '' ( an... After i painted my kitchen and connecting family room and wood floors ) i have just ordered new. Without looking yellow in a wood. cheap so go for it swatch! Bruton white CW-710 Word, Hoard vs a Pale gray that changes the... Designer Tali Roth using Brittanicca warm luxury series counter gray or grey paint that has both beige and sometimes looks. Oak and Sea Salt serves me correctly mix of gray and Repose gray is a cream color cabinets bluish and! Med/Dark wood ( red undertones ) trim and custom cabinetry painted in SW white house for the walls to cabinets... My goal is to get gray right now you could go with a lot of yellow undertones be your! A local facebook group a Mom asking what people used because in a wood. s Mountains. Tones ) and a touch of purple laundry room & dining room and front....

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