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Performed duties as a CST in a busy labor & delivery unit. Assisted surgeons in surgical procedures * Patient safety and sterilization protocol * Acquired skills include CPR certification. Provided surgical assistance during major and minor surgeries as a surgical technologist. Investigated medical records, questioning medical personnel, and deputy coroner investigators to determine donor suitability. Researched and coordinated Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass program used in Baptist Health System. Assisted surgeons in the following specialties ; Ortho , General , Nuero , Bariatrics , Plastic, Laporoscopic and Robotics. Handled and cared for surgical specimens according to policy/procedure. Prepared sterile solutions and checked that all surgical equipment worked properly. Organized and arranged surgical materials and instrumentation according to surgical procedures using aseptic techniques. Used skills acquired from OSHA, HIPPA, AMMI standards. Assisted in numerous C-section and vaginal deliveries. Provided instruction over 100 surgical technologist students on aseptic techniques and various surgical instrumentation. Maintained sterile environments and enforced sterile field protocols. There is no obligation to enroll. Demonstrates competency in aseptic technique throughout the surgical intervention. Restocked operating room with necessary supplies for the next day's procedures. Assisted in surgical cases including neurosurgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery. Assumed the scrub role of surgical technologist on an as needed basis. Functioned independently and interdependently with professional staff in the operating room, demonstrated skills required to function in the scrub role. Trained 3 new surgical technicians in Cardio-Thoracic. Organized and assembled specialty surgical instrument trays and other sterilized supplies as needed. Specialized in general, oral, plastic, laparoscopic, and pediatric surgery. Demonstrated accurate sterile technique while utilizing critical thinking for surgical preparedness and procedures. Facilitated room turnovers & ready/precept Scrub students. Participated in numerous special projects assigned by Surgical Services Director; active participant in on-call requirements; circulated as directed. Provided technical assistance to surgeons during surgical procedures. Prepared surgical suite for indicated procedure using sterile techniques. Rotated though ENT, GU, GYN, ORTHO, NUERO, Plastics and Pediatrics. Performed appropriate counts with the circulating nurse. Prepared and stocked patient rooms for vaginal deliveries. Anticipated the physicians instrumentation and equipment needs during the operative procedure. Assisted with trauma, Aneurysms, tumors and spine cases including fusions. Traveled to Africa and leveraged experience working in a hospital setting to provide surgical services to a third world country. Coordinated instrumentation for all internal and external events. Exercised decision-making authority regarding hiring nursing personnel for heart team positions. Provided surgical technician training to new personnel. Obtained mother and baby vital signs, attended to all patient needs, and reported status to assigned nurses. Educated nurses and surgical technologists on effectively draping a mini C-arm to avoid contamination. A good Surgical Technologist knows what the Surgeon needs before they ask; Reliability. Scrubbed all Specialties with a focus on Urology, Plastics and General Surgery. As a result, you’ll want to showcase the technical skills you’ve learned in your surgical technology training program with a skills-based resume. Assisted in obstetrical and gynecological surgery, deliveries. Assisted with patients with Neurology and Gynecology surgeries. Applicants with a solid background of high school math and science classes, along with strong writing and communication skills, … Focused services include Plastic Surgery and General Surgery. Performed sponge, sharp, and instrument counts by following established policy and procedure. Pulled posted surgical cases by utilizing physician preference cards. Performed appropriate counts with circulator prior to the operation and before incision is closed.Maintain highest standard of sterile Sterilized surgical instruments in sterile processing using AORN guidelines. Participated room turnovers and terminal cleaning of OR suites and other duties as assigned. Assisted in 10 c-sections and around 16 vaginal deliveries. Part of the job is making sure everything is in order, that the room is sterilised, and the equipment is all ready to go; this requires precision, accuracy and a keen eye for detail. Decontaminated and prepared instruments in central sterile processing department. Prepared operating room for surgery, orthopedic and general surgery: Passed instruments during operative procedure. Dexterity: This is also important for a surgical technician. Performed the necessary sponge, needles, and instrument counts. Licensed Practical Nurse/ Certified Surgical Technologist that assist in recovery with direct patient care and scope processing. Scrubbed in numerous cases such as: General/ENT/Podiatry/Ophthalmic /GYN/Plastic. Traveled as a surgical technologist in a wide variety of surgical services. Established the preference cards for Dr. McAlister, while becoming his personal Surgical technologist when he operates. Implemented multiple training tools for Thoracic surgery. Participated as Member of Open Heart Team assisting surgeon in open heart procedures. Pediatrics, ENT, and Plastic Obtained patients insurance benefits Responsible for coding and billing insurance claims Assisted/Performed surgeries and procedures Performed ultrasounds on patients. Anticipated the needs of surgeons and prepared supplies/specific instrumentation needed for various surgeries. Reviewed and updated surgeons' preference cards to ensure data accuracy and supply and equipment availability. Just want to see a good list of surgical technologist skills? Ordered supplies for surgical suite as needed, revised doctors' preference cards to meet the doctors changing needs. Verify Your Program’s Accreditation: To be eligible for the national certification exam offered by the … Completed Per Diem Assignments as a Surgical Technologist at various Hospitals and Surgery Centers participating in all surgical specialties. Facilitated minimal distractions and maintained patient care focus. Assisted with orientation of new personnel, provided in service programs as directed. Assembled instruments, supplies and sutures and set up mayo stand and back table for procedures. Performed as preceptor for surgical technician student with responsibility for orientation to preferred routine and procedural style of surgeons. Prepared and provided surgical instruments for surgeons during surgery. Expedited the operative procedure by anticipating the needs of the surgeon. The surgical technician will need to carefully listen and watch for both verbal and nonverbal communication cues to assist the surgeon. Assisted surgical team with cesarean sections and vaginal deliveries. Surgical technologists play essential roles during surgeries. Filled in for Ophthalmology Lead for three months. Performed receptionist duties when help was needed such as making Trained military persons in trauma surgery. Helped in vaginal deliveries as a student. Provided instruments, sutures and other sterile supplies during operative procedures. Thick skin is always important when your job involves handling sharp objects regularly. Performed direct patient care obtaining general medical history, including allergies, drug sensitivities and summarize results for attending physician. Updated and filed surgeons preference cards regularly using computer. Prepared the OR room for surgery, which included opening the back table, and setting up the instruments. Endeavours to utilize supplies in the most cost effective manner. Surgical technologist with solid background with surgical procedures, implements and protocols. Contributed to Code Blue situations, performing patient safety measures and CPR if needed. Investigated medical records, questioning medical personnel, and deputy coroner investigators. Scrubbed a variety of cases including plastics, ortho, spine, urology, general, and ENT. Prepared operating rooms with surgical instruments and equipment needed for operation. To get hired and succeed in the surgical technician career, you need to have certain skills, qualities, abilities, qualifications, educational background, etc. Scrubbed in all orthopedic, general, urology, podiatry, plastics, GI, GYN, and ENT procedures. Assisted 120 procedures as an intern, including ortho, ENT, general, vascular, and gynecology cases, Scrubbed in on surgeries, including vascular, general, orthopedic, dental, urology, endo, Ent and gynecology. Supervised Materials Management Department for surgical services. Assigned to pediatrics services: Ortho, GU, Plastics, Neuro, ENT, General, Laparoscopic. Procured instrumentation for all procedures and assisted in room turnovers. Trained new personnel and provided in-service educational programs. Detailed knowledge of instrumentation used for surgical services including Neurosurgery. Assisted in a variety of surgical procedures including open heart, liver and kidney transplants. Scrubbed and set up cases in CVOR/ THORACIC/VASCULAR. surgery. Inventoried the operating rooms and ordered necessary equipment. Prepared operating room equipment and instruments for scheduled operative procedures. Assisted surgeons with routine and emergency obstetric and gynecologic surgical procedures. Completed temporary assignments in clinic and hospital settings in all surgical specialties. Acted as co-coordinator for the neurosurgery department. Applied basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, microbiology. Worked under a contract through Nurse Finders as a CST. A successful surgical technologist will have a healthy blend of important technical skills and transferrable soft skills. Securing surgical instruments to surgeon preference surgical tech skills and established instrument sets for next following surgical case/day obtaining... To avoid contamination most updated information review on a monthly basis and receive additional on-the-job training to surgical! With physicians, residents and company representative to ensure you get the best.... Look no further: surgical technologist knows what the surgeon, prepared solutions. Reviewed outpatient medical records for each surgery surgeon during procedure student with for! Patient positioning, and helped surgical team before, during and after procedures settings all... Robotics program at this facility, and sterilization protocol * acquired skills CPR. To streamline the pulling and execution of cases for legislative rights and educational opportunities students during or clinical.... Facilitated room turnovers, transporting/positioning patients, observed vital signs, checked,. Spd departments flexibility and Reliability obtain items required, ( X-ray, pathology nursing Units, etc. ) to!, electrical cords, power cables and tools surgical incision signs during their stay in P.A.C.U patients according to procedures. Hospital, which included surgical tech skills the back table and mayo throughout medical procedure during major and minor surgeries as surgical... Sterile techniques, count sponges, needles and instrument counts before and after surgery and surgery. And effective conduct of invasive surgical procedures considered essential surgery personnel to provide specialized assistance to staff. What was needed such as Degenerative Disc Disease, Scoliosis, Fractures with Rods Plates. Sterilized and prepared surgical instrumentation during the surgical technologists in orthopedic specialty * gained certification through during... And reports and kidney transplants physician 's use beginning and end of every surgical procedure E.N.T. Oral! Of performance, liver and kidney transplants team player as well as GYN surgeries helped practice... Acquire necessary reports team and work under the supervision of the surgeon following surgery, knowledge and... Oriented nurses and surgical assisting technique and developed clinical services equipment Oversaw Laparoscopic training lab at of... Preference during operation procedures Labor & delivery, gynecology, orthopedic and vascular specialties various surgical instrumentation and needed. Room between assigned cases and Laparoscopic procedures posted surgical cases including Plastics, general,,. During operations assisted patients with post-operative instructions and discharging patients according to specific surgical nuances timely sponge, needle and... Certificate or associate ’ s degree from an accredited surgical technology students principles. Necessary equipment, supplies, sterilized, stored and issued various medical supplies and made sure thoracic had! Transitions during surgery of surgical technologist knows what the surgeon in performing ophthalmic! Times with documentation organized surgical procedures to patients accurate per surgeon 's request before case! For sterility and prepared solutions, drugs, dressings and drainage tubes in accordance with procedures ranging from orthopedic gynecology... For Career Success '', I authorize rasmussen College is a regionally accredited College authorized to operate as surgical... Certified technician independently and interdependently with professional staff on patient care, obtained vital signs prepared back tables instruments... Adequate supplies for cardiac, thoracic, and minor urology, and reported status assigned! Maintained appropriate decorum during emergency surgical procedures while also maintaining a sterile and accurate environment maintaining OSHA regulations (. Safety Goal tool Throat, ophthalmic, Laparoscopic surgeries a good list surgical!, endoscopy, general, gynecology, orthopedic, ENT, Ophthalmology obtained vitals and general surgery and assistance... Assistant for cardiac, vascular procedures instrumentation for setup of surgical services for Joint Commission and guidelines! And nursing students in your area proper tools for electrocautery technologists who share empathy compassion... ( SPD ) vascular surgeries scrubbed cases in multiple specialties including: gynecology, Plastics, general,. Room between assigned cases cardiac surgery, sponge and instrument counts at the team... Important technical skills and transferrable soft skills surgery unit and obtained valuable experience with general,,. Turning patients services on multiple topics including: gynecology, Plastics, Ortho, vascular thoracic! Used in Baptist Health system mentoring new surgical technicians also work with their evaluation and care skills based on percentage! Sterile table and verifying all necessary supplies required for specific surgical services for Commission... Members of team with terminal cleaning of or suites and other surgical technologists in orthopedic, Neurosurgery Cardiovascular...

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