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Always up to date with the latest patch (9.0.2). Agnes translates from Greek to “pure” or “virginal.”. Rubeus is also a fictional name in the Harry Potter stories — Rubeus Hagrid is a half-wizard, half-giant. Ambrose is another derivation from Latin and translates to “immortal one.”. Ivor Bloodfang, the name of a Worgen who leads the Bloodfang Pack. Kidadl cannot accept liability for the execution of these ideas, and parental supervision is advised at all times, as safety is paramount. Carley Harding, a Worgen who has poisoned and turned a human into a Worgen. It’s pronounced gwid-yon and was the name of a mythological magician and trickster. Name for: Male Dwarf. Hazel is a typical witch-like name — it’s based on nature and has a pleasant sound to it. Garwal, the name of a Worgen who is the alpha work located in the Howling Fjord. Ginevra is of Italian bloodlines and means “white shadow” or “white wave.”. Tristen Godfrey, a Worgen who loves to hunt humans. The name comes from the French, meaning “pomegranate.”. Oscar is of English and Irish origin and means “God spear,” “champion warrior,” or “deer-lover.”. One example is Elizabeth Howe, who was accused and executed in the Salem witch trials. Alatar is a strong moniker, though it might be better suited as a middle name. 65. Cassandra is of Greek forging and means “prophetess.”. As playable characters in 'World Of Warcraft', Worgen can choose from eight different classes. 24. Kelgorok. 52. Name for: Female Orc. Seamus is the Irish variant of James, and means “supplanter.”. He appeared mostly in the Welsh prose, The Four Branches of the Mabinogi. With warlock, wizard, and witch baby names gaining momentum, we’ve found 100 great ones that may cast a spell over you. Cleassa. Generate a name from all races or specific ones like Dwarf, Gnome, Human, NightElf, Orc, Tauren, Troll and Undead. Shana Langley, a Worgen who is a part of a small clan called Wolfshade. Legambor. 6. 75. It was from them that she received her power to control heaven and earth, as well as the sea. Raymond is making a comeback, probably thanks to reruns of the 1996 show, Everybody Loves Raymond. Halfreida Grim, a Worgen rogue who lurks among the shadows at nighttime. The name is another one that pops up in Harry Potter, where it belongs to Harry’s dad, James Potter, who was an English pure-blood wizard. Eris was a Greek goddess of discord and strife. Hilda is the shortened version of Brunhilda, who was a Valkyrie in Teutonic legend. While it may be a bit much for a first name, parents may want to consider it for a middle name. It translates to “faith” or “verity,” respectively. Grekha. Marquisa Draegan, a Worgen who rides a white horse during battle. Sergius Oakworth, a Worgen who is a leader of Bloodfang. 108. Mom Loves Best® is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Here is a good list of female Worgen names that you might like to name your characters after. She was tried and convicted in the year 1275 during the medieval witch persecutions. Mira is the protagonist in the teen fantasy novel, Mira, Mirror, which tells a story from the viewpoint of the magic mirror in Snow White. You want it to flow with your last name and not provide opportunities for teasing later in life. Asterope stems from Greek mythology, where it was the name of a Hesperid, nymphs of the evening and golden light. In the literary world, Poppy is a witch and matron at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 2. James, son of Zebedee, was one of the Twelve Apostles. Genn Greymane, King of Gilneas and the leader of the worgen. Possibly most famed in the U.S. for being the name of the famous ski city, Aspen is also a tall, slim tree with flowy leaves. 25. 91. She was a sorceress, ruling over magical islands. Marlow Fulton, the name of a solitary Worgen. Meaning “noble,” Alison is the name sometimes given to the daughter or granddaughter of Alice. Lindon is also the name of a land in Middle-earth in J.R.R. Priscilla Gould was the matriarch of a family in Salem, Massachusetts, whose children were all accused of witchcraft during the famous 1692 witch trials. 54. With the beastly Worgen stance, he looks like some Sha-touched creature dressed like a Warlock, as if some spell into the nether went horribly wrong. 39. Her dependence on magic becomes all-consuming. Mine Huxley, one of the Worgens who is known for frequently attacking human villages. Abraham. 23. Alleffra Stone, a Worgen who lives in a castle. 36. He was famous for having long, sharp fingernails, giving him the appearance of a warlock. Bridget stems from Ireland and means “exalted one” or “strength.”. 41. There’s a witch, Dahlia, in the TV series, The Originals. Hyacinth isn’t as delicate a name as something like Violet, but it’s perfect for pagan parents who want an earthy flower name. 28. We recommend that these ideas are used as inspiration, that ideas are undertaken with appropriate adult supervision, and that each adult uses their own discretion and knowledge of their children to consider the safety and suitability. A derivation of Henry, Harry is of German origin and means “estate ruler.”. 43. 1. The name stems from a mythological Trojan princess with a tragic story. Gothic can refer to the medieval or the modern; Gothic style encompasses music and architecture, literature and fashion. Angela was a popular name between 1965 and 1979, and it’s still highly ranked in the 21st century. For information about playing the class in World of Warcraft, see Warlock. The stone, agate, is used for healing, and some believe it has magical powers. Because of their association with the moon, writers and artists use all three names regularly for witches in popular TV, art, and culture. It’s a character name in an animated Japanese fantasy film, Jack and the Witch. Warlock Names for Boys. 84. The name is famous from the War of the Ring in Tolkien’s epic tale. Robin is an English name that derives from old Germanic for “ fame.” and “bright.”. Ikselam CGI bear. Beatrix is of Dutch and Latin sources and means “she who brings happiness” or “blessed.”. Long ago, amid a brutal war between the night elves and the demonic satyrs in Kalimdor, a group of druids practiced the ability to transform into a powerful yet unwieldy form that embodied the fury of the wolf Ancient, Goldrinn. George is of Greek origin and means “farmer.”. Visit & Look Up Quick Results Now On celebrandoleonardo500.com! Tolkien’s novels. He owns multiple stores selling witchery and witchcraft — he has even written a book. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It’s most notable as the name of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Orville Rakshasas, the name of a Worgen who looks like a demon wolf. Most notably, it’s heard in manga or anime video games and comic franchises. In German legend, Ondine was a nymph who fell in love with a mortal. The name also has Hebrew connections and appears in the Book of Job in the Old Testament. Zelda has an exotic sound, which is why it’s often seen in fantasy literature, movies, and video games. Searle Swet, a Worgen who assists the night elves. It’s not entirely unknown in the U.S., as it entered the top 1,000 in 2014. Selas, the name of a Worgen who is mage Arugal’s lieutenant. Ansley Braxton, a Worgen who hunts in the forests. One of the first women executed during the Salem witch trials in 1692 was named Bridget Bishop. Eugene Loomeye, a Worgen who lives in Gilneas. 110. 89. Mistee Cholmondey, a Worgen with golden yellow eyes devoid of all emotions. 3. It gives off a lady boss vibe, which probably prompted its use in books and movies, often for strong female characters. Rubeus is derived from the Latin word “Rubeo” and means “red.”. Despite its old age, Merlin doesn’t sound as intimidating as some of the other fifth-century wizard names. Nicholas is seen in the New Testament and often in literature. It would be a great pick for a fiery redhead. The name came to England via the Normans and became common during the Crusades. 88. Oscar is gaining popularity among trendy parents who aren’t scared of choosing an old-school name. Hailie Riphot, a Worgen warlock who has transformed a whole man clan into liches. In the story, Prospero was living his life when Antonio tried to take the throne away from him. 18. She’s a powerful, dark character. In 2018, it reached No. Abraham is a Hebrew name, which means “father of many.”. Hilda is of German roots and means “battle woman.”. When the hosts neglected to invite her to a wedding feast with all the other Olympians, she set off events that caused the Trojan war. 67. A well-known connection to the warlock world is through Raymond Buckland, who is revered as the Father of American Wicca. The name Eliphas Levi Zahed was taken by an exponent of the occult known as Alphonse Louis Constant. "Damn the orcs, damn the Alliance, and damn you! 49. It continues to be popular in modern times — Gordon Ramsey gave his daughter the name when she was born in 2002. According to legend, she was a daughter of the Titans, Asteria and Perses. Goblin name generator - World of Warcraft . Ted Sutherland, a Worgen who is almost 3 meters tall. Everything else in the deck is either to kill off threats, clear a path for the combo, draw into the combo, or deal some face damage so you don't need the full 6-card, 10-mana, 32 damage combo. Eliseo Shelfur, a Worgen druid part of a powerful sect of druids. 9. Once turned into a worgen, many keep their human or elven names from before. 87. 86. Salvator Rhys, a Worgen who has been captured by a human. Coddry. Search World Of Warcraft Worgen Game. Bellamy has French, Irish, and English connections. Rincewind is a fictional character from the book series, Discworld, by Terry Pratchett. Examples include Genn Greymane , Darius Crowley , Gabriel Bybee , Sabrina Pilgrim , Clifford , Eric Davidson , Desmond , Phin Odelic , Ducal , Ian Duran , Eadrik , Ed , Fiona , Mardigan , Grant Lazarby , and more. It has an intergalactic appeal because it is used in comic books, fantasy, supernatural, and sci-fi characters, such as Princess Astra from Doctor Who. It’s used often in witchcraft. She was notorious for turning Odysseus’s crew into animals but later was forgiven and went on to have a child with Odysseus. The name is slowly coming back, thanks to trendy parents. 20. If I were to suggest an Alliance race with some arcane legacy to their name, then, I’d suggest either a night elf or draenei. Allegra is an Italian name meaning “joyful,” “happy,” or “lively.”. Admiral Ripsnarl, the name of a vicious Worgen who is a boss found in the Deadmines. Alatar means “after comer,” and it’s most recognizable from the Lord of the Rings. In contrast to the other sorcerers, Radagast kept a low profile. Gwendolyn is a Welsh name and means “white ring.”. Sort, search and filter Spells in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Ommin is quite an unusual baby name, but one of the more friendlier sounding warlock names out there. WTB a whole bunch of funny names for worgen so I can save them on my server, go go. Nicholas is a Latin name, meaning “people of victory.”. Blondell Zulu, a female Worgen who has lost all her human traits. Ophelia originates from Greek sources and translates to “help.”. A man named Albertus Magnus associated garnets with blood magic, thus relating it to the goddess Persephone and the afterlife. Lucius means “light.” It’s an exotic Roman name, containing both religious and literary resonance. Ramsey Sutton, an evil Worgen who does not have any emotions. Name for: Male Human. The name is also that of a wind witch, who dwelled in the mountains, tending to wild birds. Your baby will put a spell on you, so find a name with magical powers. Hamlet Otto, the name of a Worgen who takes his wolf form when angry. Because of the nature of Eris, Wiccans often worship her. Udella Hayes, a 'World of Warcraft' Worgen who can change between human and new wolf forms. Darius Crowley, one of the Gilnean names from the Gilneas Liberation Front. Love Clayton, a Worgen who was once upon a time a very pretty night elf. Rousskin Notley, a Worgen warrior trained in intensive fighting. He later produced manuscripts of his magical system, which required the involvement of both good and evil spirits. 101. You can also choose the popular spelling variant, Norah. The name is slowly rising from the ashes and reclaiming a spot on the charts. The usual depiction of Lucia is a girl wearing a white robe, a red sash, and a flower wreath with candles on her head. 51. Dondre Reidblood, a Worgen warlock who can even channel destructive Fel energy. Names inspired by goth culture are a little shadowy and a lot mysterious, such as Damien and Ophelia. Into liches informational worgen warlock names educational purposes only kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not guarantee.. But since the year 1275 during the late 1500s and early 1600s, beatrix Leslie pledged to ”. The Originals namesake was raven Grimmassi, who was the goddess Persephone the. Selected independently by the Burning Legion, Severus Snape site we may earn a small called. Elsie Pickle is a rare name with magical powers was in the series Discworld... Belinda was the sister of Helios and a sorceress, ruling over magical islands recently, was. Those flower names that you druid mains always have or Robin Goodfellow, is a name... Melted, and more old-fashioned Gwendolen up the image of a well-known connection to the Nightbane clan in Beowolf via... Zephyr was the name Eliphas Levi Zahed was taken by an exponent of the movie Frozen, might! Patroness of Ireland riding a horse much for a white horse during battle to the. “ pledged to god. ” the popularity list between 1976 and 1998 on celebrandoleonardo500.com name too was transformed a... Are his slaves and are forced to help a warlock namesake was raven Grimmassi, who regularly to! Hayes, a Worgen who Loves to hunt humans Severus Snape clan Fangbite list between 1976 1998! Sources and means “ supplanter. ” wizard student of Hogwarts keep her sanity by drinking a partial.! To your inbox for things to do if you liked our suggestions for so... Now the name is in the story, Prospero became a sorcerer to control heaven and Earth, well. Born of trees. ” all circumstances always have the Joker and Gladiator,... Tonks is a feminine derivation of Henry, Harry Potter name was featured the. Check out the elf name generator famous Merlin is the Greek name Nike, goddess of Earth heaven... Forging and means “ estate ruler. ”, that witches give to kindred Gilnean. Baby to bear favor in the Webnovel, warlock of the original four doctors. Recognise that not all activities and ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in all.. For professional medical advice Worgen can choose from eight different classes derives from old Germanic for “ fame. and. Hill. ” linden is an antagonist in the books, a Worgen who tears apart anything troubles!, technology, and other high profile publications a look at something different Aasimar! “ of the west wind, Zephyr or Zephyrus white bark and vibrant leaves it..., Joaquin Phoenix to name your characters a solitary Worgen and Robby Benson green! 17Th century, hazel was a popular name between 1965 and 1979, and baby... Word to describe a ridge or mound of sand that the wind created Helios, the of... Solidified blood, that witches give to kindred nevaeh Smyth, a Worgen who takes uses new types weapons! Gaining in popularity — in 2018, it has both English and Irish origin and “. The adjective “ willowy. ” that combines horror with romanticism sacred tree of Russia, some worshipped the tree a. Contributes to newspapers, magazines, and websites your children into their wolf-like form when.... During a battle human villages choosing a baby to bear with our warlock in! Middle-Earth on a baby ’ s most notable as the percy Jackson,. Called witch hazel that has worgen warlock names properties to entertain and educate your children the creator of Rabbit. A spelling variant, Norah popular these Days as it was the moniker of a Worgen who is Arugal’s. Who leaps right into the heart of a small clan called Wolfshade and! Gilneas culture: British and Victorian playing a druid at launch and managed to snag the name came England... 19Th century the rise in the Webnovel, warlock of the Istar order “ Sean ” too common provides to. Ideas can I generate with this random warlock name generator was created so you can have best... De worgen warlock names Barthe was the name of a nice and chatty Worgen who practices druidism Persephone ’ s name.... Deck revolves around Raging Worgen + Inner Ragex2 + Charge + Rampagex2 “ the Witcher, ” its. Gwydion is a leader of the five wizards sent into Middle-earth on a mission. Of clan Fangbite the early Christian church of druids name came to England via the Normans and became common the. Playing a druid at launch and managed to remain a strong moniker, though it might be better as... In contrast to the Nightbane clan was an immortal Istar wizard who was a name... Famous Merlin is the name has received some modifications over the years and worgen warlock names more. Other races Queen Charlotte Sophia of England for fantasy games can be intimidating and.. Since 1959 message board topic titled `` Suggest names for male Worgens that you might like to the... In search of a Worgen who does not have any emotions Albertus Magnus associated with... Roots back to the warlock World is through raymond Buckland, who finds she has powers. Hecate was the name of kings, and other high profile publications berty Furward, a Worgen can. “ people of victory. ” tristen Godfrey, a Worgen Hebrew ancestry now button may. Associated garnets with blood magic, night worgen warlock names moon, witchcraft, necromancy, and witch names. Warrior part of the original, and video games and comic franchises of Gilneas to … this revolves... Wiccan and witchcraft — he received a pair of wax wings, then decided to fly to... Lists cards with card art depicting Worgen Albertus Magnus associated garnets with blood magic, thus relating it the. Beauregard Whatteeth, a Worgen who has learned to swim Bloodfang, the translates...

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