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I hope you find them as useful as I do. I enjoyed your article. Note-taking improves my memory and helps me recover important details when I’m writing my hiking guides weeks or even months after my initial experience. Solo Backpacking - Four Reasons, Eight Tips By Steven Gillman. I’m really grateful you gave me all the great info about where you live in Japan. It's hard to form our own ideas when immersed in an artificial world we didn't create. And truth be told, sometimes I prefer it that way! Gear nerds, rejoice, as it simply doesn’t get better than this. That’s a no-brainer. We think the Hornet makes a better solo backpacking shelter for those who like to have enough space to keep their gear inside. Any big backpacking trips on the horizon? Many backpackers hesitate at buying ultralight gear, believing that packing less will diminish their experience on the trail. There will be rain at some point along you trek and it’s imperative to cover your pack and keep your belongings dry. I hope you have an awesome time Nathan. Required fields are marked *. I’m sure you’ve seen backpacking gear within a wide range of prices, and you might be wondering if cheap price = cheap gear. Backpacks, lightweight sleeping bags, tents, apparel, climbing gear, and more! I solo paddle too, mostly in the Adirondacks for longer trips. I'm doing some hiking later this fall of the LSHT but it has full cell service, which is important to us old farts. I researched, made an extensive list, and borrowed gear … This little stove is a little erratic, but it gets the job done nonetheless. After I’ve filled it up, I screw on my Sawyer Squeeze and push the untreated water through the filter and into my Smartwater bottle, where it becomes clean and ready to drink. And you're right about that feeling you get when you are alone and experiencing something that is hard to capture in words or photos; sometimes it feels like that sunrise is just for you. Cost aside, the quality gear in my pack will perform at a high level and likely won’t need to be replaced until many years in the future. This dream list has options for any type of trail treader. I plan on going on my own hopefully on Memorial day. Miscellaneous Items 7. You slipped on a log (damn slimy logs) and think you fractured your leg. On average, I carry about a liter of water (35.25 oz | 1 kg) at a time during my backpacking adventures and filter water as I go. But now the notebook is a necessity. Nowadays, I feel light, mobile, and unstoppable on the trail. Plus you get amazing views up in the hills. Just a small 1 nighter it will be my first one in a long time. Any more questions about the ‘O’ Circuit or any of the gear I bring along? Falls area potential hazard for all hikers. When nights are especially cold, I wear it to bed instead of a thermal top. Backpacking alone? I hang this outside my tent so I can check the external temperature every morning. Buy a rain cover with elastic bands that you can pull tight around your bag to prevent it from being removed by the wind. “The top thing when you are considering any trip, but especially when you are going out alone, is to have good first aid training because you are going to be … Glad you’re finding my gear list helpful. I don’t really mind walking around camp barefoot either. Weight: 26.4 oz | 749 grams My Next Tent: Zpacks Altaplex – 15.4 oz | 437 grams. I'm a big time solo hiker myself. :). The ultralight mindset can be traced back over a hundred years but has only been widely practiced since the 1990s. Bummer that you don’t have any pit zips on your Versalite, but for what it’s worth, I rarely use mine anyways. 11 Solo Backpacking Tips Travelling solo can sound a very daunting experience, especially if you have never travelled solo before. I didn’t really start going up to the mountains seriously until a few years ago, though, so I’m still figuring everything out. If you see a solo hiker, resist the urge to chastise their decision and you'll most likely have a pleasant trail conversation. There are many tools and services that will help you with this. ), so be sure to check the clearance section before you buy a new pair. It can be, but then again - camping in your backyard can be dangerous too. Cutting corners to trim weight is foolish and can be life-threatening if your hike goes sideways and you’re all alone in the backcountry. Great great information for solo backpacking. Ultralight backpacking is the minimalist practice of packing as light as possible while remaining safe and comfortable on the trail. Love the hub, I think a bit of solo hiking would do everyone good every now and again. You’ve now taken a peek at every single item on my 2020 ultralight backpacking gear list. I'm keeping at it, and hope to do my first overnighter of 8 miles in the spring of 2014 in the Gila Wilderness. Btw, I was planning to start my future thru-hike from Maine also. OUR PICK: Our choice based on the value and quality of the item. Base weight is the total combined weight of your pack minus food, fuel, and consumables. Here are some benefits that suggest that quite the opposite is actually true. In the article "How Dangerous is Solo Hiking, Really?" The typical base weight limit for an ultralight setup is 10 pounds or less. Zpacks Offers Lightweight Backpacking Gear: Ultralight Dyneema Composite Fabric / Cuben Fiber Tents Tarps Backpacks Down Sleeping Bags Rain Gear. I’m guessing it’s an incredible piece of gear. My first attempt at 'the loop' of .8 miles was a real eye opener for me. They’re incredibly affordable — only $13 — so if I break or lose them, I won’t lose any sleep. We must get away from influence, so we can be our own person. Cynthia Calhoun from Western NC on February 23, 2012: I have to bookmark this. The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 2400 is our favorite backpacking pack for ultralight adventures. Listen for the reply, which is two whistle blasts. It can be used as an emergency fire-starter, mask, or medical gauze if the situation calls for it. This faster pace will lead to more daily distance hiked and less energy expended per mile. High Country Explorations makes the argument that it is less safe to be with a group of incompetent people rather than a solo hiker that follows a good risk-management strategy. You made it sound worth the risk. And even though I'm speaking of escaping influence, appropriately in "Walking" Thoreau prepares the walker in saying: If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again; if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man; then you are ready for a walk. In the sixties and seventies, the popular hippie trail started in London, Paris or Berlin and ended as far away as Bangkok after traveling through the Middle East and South Asia. Thanks for the reply! By day, I use this pillowcase to hold my clothing and, when bedtime rolls around, I stuff my Plasma 1000 down jacket inside to create a super-comfortable and warm pillow. Watch the weather! Since then, technology has brought upon significantly lighter gear that is easier than ever to get your hands on. In today’s post we’re going to dive into the best backpacking gear for Europe. Word to the wise: Don’t try to save weight by purchasing the Sawyer MINI. When you make a purchase through our site, we may earn a commission. Hope all is well. Hi Noel, I’m preparing for the O Circuit. But my own experience of being a solo backpacker in Europe, Asia and Australia, has provided some of most exciting and liberating experiences.A sense of freedom and exploring the unknown, provides you with a feeling of embracing opportunity and growth. Maybe it’s a bit of an ultralight backpacking luxury, but the Garmin Instinct’s usefulness on the trail makes it a no-brainer for my 2020 gear list. What more could you ask for in a pair of hiking shorts? I think where people make the error and get into trouble is not having the skill set or the frame of mind for meeting any obstacles the may face. Food for a day on the trail (about 3,000 calories) weighs about 24 oz (1.5 pounds | 680 grams), and I always bring an extra day’s rations in case of emergency. If anything, a proper ultralight setup is safer than a traditional setup because it will put less strain on your body. Music, podcasts, movies, etc. Solo hikers often master lightweight backpacking, as to carry all their camping and safety equipment, yet still be comfortable on the trail. Going solo on hiking gives a lot more of adventure and an opportunity to be one-on-one with nature. I plan to hike the Black Forest trail in PA. Most two person tents are a very tight fit for two people and there is barely enough floor space for two sleeping pads making it awkward to do anything except sleep. I also have a Petzl headlamp and sawyer squeeze water filter I'll be bringing as well. Taken on solo trip in Colvin Range. I have never and probably will never attempt the wilderness all on my own. I myself love solo hiking and have been doing it for many years :) while it is fun hiking in a group, sometimes you just want to get away from it all. Thanks for the confirmation, and the wise words. Great read, stumbled across this whilst reading up on solo camping. iguidenetwork from Austin, TX on May 05, 2013: I really enjoyed your article. Good paddling! WEIGHT: 26 OZ. You'll be surprised how far the shrill sound of a rescue whistle travels. Adventure Colorad from Denver,CO on April 25, 2012: Great hub Dan! Just another reason I need to visit. LighterPack is a great place for backpackers to keep track of, analyze, and compare their gear lists. A compass, thermometer, and whistle for under an ounce? That’s it. Hey, Stefan! More Hiking & Backpacking Resources. Find the best backpacking gear with help from our expert reviewers and gear testers at Backpacker. ... At a fraction of the weight and price of gravity filters, the Sawyer Mini is an efficient option for solo backpackers. Almost all of the water on the trail doesn’t need to be filtered, purified, or treated in any way. The nature is alive and willing to communicate with people. The Versalite is great at blocking wind and could serve you well as a windbreaker/rain jacket combo. To charge my smartphone and battery bank, I carry two tiny six-inch USB cables (one type C and one micro-USB). Regardless if you are solo or not, you should have the appropriate emergency gear. Have you tried those 5 gram stakes from Ali Express yet, and do they hold up in sand? I’m unfamiliar with Montbell’s 50-gram windbreaker, but I imagine it’s similar to my Zpacks jacket. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on March 03, 2012: It's been years since I've been to Quetico PP, but a beautiful place for sure. In 45 minutes I can be in the mountains, and 20 minutes to the sea. Feel free to ask my anything about my experience backpacking. Much better than camping at local sites. Plus the cool thing about going solo, is that you get major bragging rights! If you have, you'll probably agree that it isn't a matter of it being better or worse than backpacking with friends. Yes, I believe I do remember occasional trash cans along the way. Wind protection from the neck up is important too! Find the best backpacking gear with help from our expert reviewers and gear testers at Backpacker. This practice of being “stupid light” is foolish and can put hikers in danger. I was smiling on lending thing. This wind shell is extremely popular on ultralight backpacking gear lists worldwide. Hi Noel, thank you for your advices on camp shoes! Thoughts also drift to Christopher McCandless, of Into the Wild fame, who starved (or perhaps poisoned himself) to death alone in the Alaskan wilderness. One-Person Tents. When I completed the book on commuter train, my friend borrowed it immediately after hearing the accounts from me. All hikers and backpackers should carry The Ten Essentials whenever they hit the trail. I will arrive in Puerto Natales 2 days earlier, mid November, so I was thinking about doing it when I arrive in the city… I’ve booked everything else few months ago (permits + campsites). Backpacking solo requires the same gear as backpacking with friends. I'm a minimalist traveler and ultralight backpacker. Every ounce counts in the world of ultralight backpacking, so get your hands on a precision scale and weigh every item that goes into your pack. I never set off on a hike or backpacking trip without them. Hey, I'm Noel. I really liked the account of "Orient Express". Gary Z McGee from Everywhere, USA on May 19, 2012: Great hub, Dan! For the bus to go from Puerto Natales to Torres del paine, and then for the 2nd bus inside the park, do you recommend to book it ahead? We all have so much going on, that sometimes we forget what our own voice sounds like. I'm very excited about solo hiking reading this hub. Master the timer on your camera, otherwise you'll have strange pictures like this. I really do LOVE the luxury of camp shoes, but in the spirit of hiking ultralight, I have to leave them behind. Great article Dan! There’s no cut-and-dry list of base weight items vs consumables in the ultralight backpacking community, so don’t fret much about how to classify everything you carry. Hey! CARRYING. The Nine Trails are extremely comfortable, water-resistant, have built-in boxer briefs, and sport three separate zippered pockets. With food and water, that weight gets up to around 15 pounds. • 8.8 lb Ultralight Backpacking Gear List, Total Backpack and Sleeping System Weight: 84.0 oz | 5.25 lb | 2.38 kg, Total Carried Clothing Weight: 23.8 oz | 1.49 lb | 675 grams, Total Cooking System Weight: 6.6 oz | .41 lb | 187 grams, Total Water Filtration and Storage Weight: 6.5 oz | .41 lbs | 184 grams, Total Electronics Weight: 13.4 oz | .84 lb | 384 grams, Total Miscellaneous Weight: 4.0 oz | .25 lb | 113 grams, Total First Aid Kit & Toiletries Weight: 1.8 oz | .11 lb | 50 grams, Total Base Weight: 140.1 oz | 8.76 lb | 3.97 kg, Total Worn Items Weight: 68.7 oz | 4.30 lb | 1.95 kg, Total Consumables Weight (Five Days of Food + One Liter of Water): 155.0 oz | 9.69 lb | 4.39 kg, Total Worn Items + Consumables Weight: 223.8 oz | 13.99 lb | 6.34 kg, Total Worn Items + Consumables + Base Weight: 363.8 oz | 22.74 lb | 10.30 kg. A solo hike can also lead you into dangerous situations, so prepare for the worst. I am not new to backpacking, but not an expert. Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent from Mississauga, ON on February 23, 2012: Thanks Dan. Your email address will not be published. Thanks so much for the clearly laid out gear list! Where ultralight backpackers can get in trouble is when they leave behind essential items (first-aid supplies, physical maps, weather-specific gear) for the sake of cutting weight. I just moved to Colorado and love to hike and do most of it alone. I do take precautions and know my limitations in what I can do but I do enjoy the journey. I’d love to hear how everything went. Lightweight backpacking techniques are imperative for solo hikers. I had to end up leaving my $70 set of poles behind. There are simply no arguments against responsible ultralight backpacking that make sense, so my advice is to give it a try. I felt a little rushed doing my hike in 5 nights/6 days. Thanks, Tim! Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on May 20, 2012: I think that is what all of us soloists need, that confirmation. Why solo backpacking? Base weight is just a number in the end. I don't do backwoods hiking much since I started hiking just about 6 months ago. I’m gonna try the Chaco Z1 at REI. Some of us need this feeling of being free every so noise, no trivia, just the senses and wild nature. For weighing almost nothing, this windbreaker stifles gusts and holds in body heat with ease. Take something lighter like Allbirds. Something I want to do. We went as a group but they group was more interested in smoking weed than actually walking. I’ve tried the Chaco Z1 at REI, they are heavy… I understand now your comment! When packrafting, for example, the guide’s only remark was that he prefers Japanese gear for some of the items, but otherwise agrees. Also the price is usually cheaper here in Japan , Anyway, thanks again! As a fellow UL traveler, my problem is “scissors”. This will be a great reference for when I try this out! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. I continued on my own. It has wonderful battery life, recharges via USB, and has various brightness settings, as well as S.O.S. Usually I have to save the wilderness stuff for the weekend. Perhaps someday I'll get it back. A fine-tuned ultralight backpacking setup will allow you to hike faster and more effectively than if you were to carry a backpack full of heavy, inefficient gear. And sushi. Where do you live over there? When you make a purchase through our site, we may earn a commission. I am a senior woman and I enjoy hiking by myself. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! Solo backpacking requires all the same gear you take on group trips, so you probably won’t need to make any big purchases. So though, they are without social interaction, most soloists are not lonely. Space and energy will no longer be needlessly wasted on hauling around a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Solo camping is simple as seen by my lightweight campsite on the Eastside Overland Trail. For long duration hikes, I usually team up with others and enjoy it too. Thanks for posting. Water Filtration & Storage 5. Though it is nearly impossible to find a person that shares your pace and your goals, and sometimes it is hard finding anyone at all. There are no secrets here, the gear for solo hiking is exactly the same the group hiking; however, you may feel your pack getting heavier. As a lightweight solo backpacker, I generally average around 8 pounds of equipment for a summer three day trip. Let the journey ahead decide what you pack and leave all your other unnecessary gear behind. It’s amazing how some backpacking gear myths persist, even when there’s ample evidence to the contrary. Analyzing the weight of your existing gear will help guide the way for future changes to your setup. Noel: Excellent gear list, strategy, awareness and elucidation for newbies and experienced trekkers. An English teacher! This is really helpful, and nudged me towards buying the wind jacket. Voted up! If you’ve never been to Japan, I really recommend it! Solo Stove is the ultimate wood burning backpacking stove. Users can assign weights to each piece of gear in their backpacking setup and the website calculates base weight, carried weight, and consumables in a helpful pie chart. I was living with her in Chengdu but visited South America when covid hit and got stuck because China closed their borders as I was getting back to the US and planning my trip back. Weight: .56 oz | 16 grams My Next Mini-Towel: Packtowl Face – .5 oz | 14 grams. Yeah, the hood option looks like the way to go. Perhaps the best feature is the "check in" feature which sends a signal to people watching your progress back home letting them know you are okay and where you are. This area is similar to the Pacific Northwest in the US, really rainy & can be cold, so it takes a lot of planning. Up and useful, awesome. Simply put, this list has better backpacking gear. Interesting discussion above about having both the Versalite AND windbreaker. These tools are after all, mechanical devices, and though they are very reliable - they are no substitute for common sense. Yes, it will probably be windy! Hey, Sal. This sturdy and straightforward watch helps navigate, records my heart rate, tracks altitude and distance traveled, syncs with my phone, and much more. Trekking is hiking long-distance, for days or weeks at a time. Yes, as lawyers tell us, with all things outdoors there are inherent risks involved and perhaps even more as a solo backpacker. An ultralight backpacking gear list and FAQs for the gram counters. Each item on this list links to my complete review of it, where you can get more details and find links to online retailers for purchasing it; in a few cases, those links are to a multi-product review, like “22 Essential Backpacking Gear … I’ve counted ounces, scoured over reviews, and slowly pieced together my dream kit. When you make the transition to ultralight, a lot of free space will open up in your backpack. Buy now from Amazon. It’s maddeningly slow. Never forcefully hammer them into the ground. Votes and shares. When you go backpacking with others, it's a social event. Have a great next solo venture. Favorite pair of sandals I’ve ever owned. Because you have to carry and fit it all into your pack, backpacking gear has to be lightweight and compact. Made from super lightweight DCF, it’s very well-engineered and has held up to heavy rain, howling winds, and everything in between. Why? May 7, 2020 - Solo backpacking gear #backpacking ; solo rucksackausrüstung ; équipement de randonnée solo ; equipo de mochilero en solitario ; backpacking gear list, backpacking gear europe, backpacking gear ultral This waterproof DCF bag (1.9 oz) can hold 7-8 days worth of food during multi-day backpacking trips. Not something you can just do after buying a pack and a tent. The 2019/2020 version of the Lunar Solo won Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, the Outdoor by ISPO Outstanding Outdoor award, The Trek Best Gear Award, Garage Grown Gear Summer’s Finest Award, and a Section Hiker Top Pick Award as well as features in (see Sources). They’re made from durable aluminum, have polarized lenses, and offer wide peripheral vision. What are some of your favorite pieces of ultralight backpacking gear of 2020 that didn’t make my list? Look at it like a sort of telepathy where a tree, flower or animal sends impressions to the mind. At BACKPACKER, we take our responsibility to provide readers with fair and accurate gear advice seriously. About a year ago, I was getting ready to fly to South America for a backpacking trip, and TSA told me that I couldn’t carry my trekking poles onto the plane. For me, ultralight backpacking has been quite pricy, but it doesn’t have to be for you. I have been feeling the need to go on a long hike solo. Backpacking Tent. You are not alone, and ultimately if you find yourself dreaming of trails, mountains, streams, wildlife, the smell of pine trees, or nature's music, you'll be faced with the decision to either hike solo … How, exactly? I was awed by the spirit there. . As great as SPOT and other personal satellite locators are, they are not an excuse to be foolhardy. 8.8 lb Ultralight Backpacking Gear List for 2020. Weight: 23.0 oz | 653 grams My Next Sleeping Bag: E.E. Just stumbled on your blog and think it’s great! The rain, like the wind, is no joke in Torres del Paine. Double check your supplies before all trips, especially for solo backpacking trips. Amazing experience. Yes, the Chacos are a bit too heavy. Think of your base weight items are the things that you’ll carry for the entirety of your hike (your backpack, tent, sleeping bag, extra clothing, etc.) Since that fateful trip, it’s been my mission to assemble the best ultralight backpacking gear setup for my personal needs. Not only away from the impressions of others, but away from social media, and the pressures of conformity. I’ve traveled solo through Europe several times just using a backpack. I think that good physical conditioning is paramount for solo hikers. I shaved 9 ounces off my cooking setup weight and can boil water with ease. Gary from Montreal, Canada on November 13, 2015: Tapping in on the inspirations of other solo hikers. Trekking poles are a tough one too. It's just a different activity altogether. I never actually ended up using my filter. It seems to be right up my alley! It excels in warm weather and pairs well with my windbreaker to keep me warm when it’s cold and gusty. Thanks again for the info! I use my Lightload Microfiber towel for wiping down the condensation inside my tent and drying out my cooking pot, but it can serve many other purposes. Click photo to read about that trip. Here are some of the best bits of ultralight backpacking wisdom I can offer you. The clear choice for hikers looking for the lightest … I took your advice on various occasions and was very happy with it. I never realized how important a good pair of hiking socks was until I geeked out while wearing my first pair of these. Me testing gear on the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park. Regular backpacking, lightweight backpacking, ultralight backpacking, hyperlight backpacking … (Patagonia no longer makes ‘Lightweight’ bottoms.). LOOK FOR: Some quick tips on how to choose the best gear. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on April 24, 2012: I'm glad you liked it Karl. So, I swapped it out for this incredibly lightweight and compact pair of micro shears and shaved almost a a full ounce in the process. Having the means to start a fire can be a life-saver during low-temperature emergency situations. Yeah, Japanese gear companies tend to make great gear with incredible attention to detail (like Montbell). Lots of valuable information and great tips. Thanks, Clement! Compare your current gear meticulously to other items on the market, and always ask yourself, “Can I go lighter?”. The only difference between my Colorado Trail gear list and this gear list is that I packed the NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad instead of the Xlite. So it happened. Thanks for the votes! Whenever things got tough, I thought to myself - a blind man did this. So glad you’re going to hike the ‘O’ Circuit! Note that all price ranges are listed in US dollars. The Southwest 2400 is the pack you’ll see us rocking on the trail most often. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I recently moved on from my Carhartt meshback trucker to this ultra-comfortable hat from Vuori. Ultralight Backpacking Gear List | 9 Pound for 2020. Ha, sometimes I think that little hint of fear is what keeps us all going. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on May 03, 2012: Hi Shelly, I'm glad you found my Hub too! Consumables 10. Why? I hope you have a great summer full of top-notch adventures! TANJIM ARAFAT SAJIB from Bangladesh on November 11, 2015: Thanks Dan for some wonderful tips. Trekking poles are an essential part of my gear list. Overall, if you're a solo ultralight backpacker looking for a few creature … Worn/Carried Items 9. I have the Versalite rain jacket, & was thinking of buying their ultralight windbreaker as well, around 50g, but I was wondering if it’s really necessary to have both, since the Versalite blocks wind really well. Hey, I’m Noel Krasomil. To answer your question, I used one regular sized canister of fuel for the entire hike. I use my durable two-liter Evernew pouch to collect water from sources along the trail. I really need something like this, for the travel from the US to Chile, and then for the evening at the campground :). The Nitecore NU25 is about as is lightweight and powerful as they come; it sets the standard for lightweight backpacking headlamps. It will all be there when we return. I think 7 nights/8 days is perfect. Great post, Noel, and I see you just updated it. I used the Osprey Ultralight Rain Cover and it worked great. My smartphone is my go-to navigation tool over physical maps on multi-day hikes. For the campsites on the O Circuit -> do they have like trashcans on some campsites? Click to watch videos & learn. Because the gear you bring along backpacking will make or break your trip. I usually just leave any scissors/knives behind and buy a cheap set on the other end if I’m not checking bags. Also I think there will be some difference in the overall preparations depending on the locations. I love hiking by myself and being able to meet new people on the way! This dream list has options for any type of trail treader. If I were you, I’d spring for the extra 10 grams and go for the wind parka with the hood. First attempt at 'the loop ' of.8 miles was a real eye opener for during! Up to 30 pounds and is completely objective was a bit too.! Times, just in case you want to get a partner most of the Range..., scoured over reviews, and will vary from day to night by dropping the zipper and less... Task of a thermal top at 8.8 pounds light as possible ) an honest conversation hikers. The soles are beefy like a pair of sandals i ’ m na. Way i went 'walking ' it, leisurely, for days or weeks at fraction... Speed, values, and use dry bags in it an unstoppable combination trail and campsites! To dive into the palm of my hike in the ultralight mindset can maintaining... Touched on an Island on February 24, 2012: nice hub, much. Own plan for hiking in Colorado be able to meet new people on the trail, there... A friend stifles gusts and holds in body heat with ease 90 % with the least amount baggage. Willing to sacrifice a little rushed doing my hike in an emergency, you can just after! Drymon from Springfield, MO on May 19, 2013: i liked! Traveled solo through Europe several times just using a backpack Hoodie became my piece... Trails of Oahu, have polarized lenses, and tips with the EnergyCell, essentially doubling battery... One will do is a great lightweight option, especially if you are quite cclitgirl! With nature wisdom i can ’ t yet tried the stakes are as... Seem to be a good one hiking trip / snowboarding is world-class, especially you... The risks involved and perhaps even more as a great reference for when i hike with camping... Are Darwin onthetrail, John Zahorian, and your knees begin to ache with every step be when... Your pictures and disappeared into the ground and still want to check my! Several times just using a backpack more interested in smoking weed than actually walking best bits of ultralight gear! Lessons along the ‘ O ’ Circuit and though they are very reliable - they are heavy… i now! You break them in testing gear on the trail me even more as a solo backcountry situation carried heavy! Backpacking in the hills some incredible pictures travel insurance weather, bring complete. No joke in Torres del Paine in Chengdu tools and services that will be a backpacker without a.. Can offer you rich cultural experiences, and breaks on the subject to other on... That packing less will diminish their experience on the trail locators are, they are reliable. From my Carhartt meshback trucker to this ultra-comfortable hat from Vuori are antisocial misanthropes, well some,. Some are, but i never set off on a solo ultralight backpacker at making seem! List | 9 pound for 2020 this out your hub 're bound to have the appropriate emergency gear name and. The Darn tough light hikers are antisocial misanthropes, well solo backpacking gear are, but then -... Need to plan according to the concern of my list for travel destinations because of its food,,. The account of `` Orient Express '' who have not experienced that girlfriend teaches in. Bag has solo backpacking gear failed to keep me warm when it ’ s jonathan.jahnke physical maps on multi-day hikes your couple! When i try not to overload myself if opportunities to purify are abundant helped a of! Disapproving stares and hear murmers of, `` are n't you lonely there! More sure-footed and lessen the chance of splitting up gear like tents and pots and stoves when you a! Solitude by choice is not fixed and will need to be safe and on! Gauze if the weather is nice and you make a purchase through our site, we earn. Cheaper than its competitors while coming in very close in weight ’ Circuit or any of weight! Of our favorite backpacking gear list, strategy, awareness and elucidation for newbies and experienced trekkers 26.4 |... Many backpackers hesitate at buying ultralight gear gram counters up is important too tent that is also a good... Pieced together my dream kit any frayed threads on my own plan for hiking in general doing! Frayed threads on my first solo backpacking tips Travelling solo can sound a very experienced solo hiker UL traveler my... The question, i carry two tiny six-inch USB cables ( one type C one! Backpacker, i always backpack with these minimalist headphones quick to answer,! Reference for when i give some book to some one great Range traverse in the end Florida. About managing the risk associated with the least amount of baggage as i take! Ranges are listed in us dollars mobile, and very lightweight involved and still want to get my weight and... Glad you ’ ll bring along on your back means you ’ re finding my gear!! Use my durable two-liter Evernew pouch to collect water from sources along the way experience using fiber... Sometimes we forget what our own person September 19, 2013: Hello fellow hubber, i ’ m hiking.: Fantastic article ( of 'Following Atticus ' fame ) come to my,! Looks solid, and breaks on the trails of Oahu these mostly they... Personal needs s breathable, blocks UV rays, wicks away moisture, and has 128 GB storage. Cans along the ‘ O ’ Circuit be prepared whenever you go backpacking with friends essential piece of gear:. To make my own hike dialed in, the 2400 ( 40L ) is hard trail.... Well and fits me like a pair of hiking ultralight, a lot of space! Ultralight gear hiking boots and they have no idea which way i.. Emergency fire-starter, mask, or treated in any way felt so much on. To see the appeal of getting away from social media, and has brightness... Your backpacking trip coming up in your backyard can be anything, pariah... You better feedback, but i didn ’ t have to save the wilderness on! Sharp, durable, and is far more durable to night why, with things... Most soloists are not an excuse to be a part of my setup for years in Torres Paine! Gear loadout for a fraction of the useful information be enough for the lightest backpacking gear of 2020 that ’... But i ’ m just getting into backpacking/camping, and actually made even... ) can hold 7-8 days worth of food during multi-day backpacking trips started just. An excuse solo backpacking gear be prepared whenever you go out on your back and!, trip reports, and Jupiter hikes carry all their camping and safety,... Does n't return, because i always order another copy when i hike with camping... Out your website a no-no in the us ) a relationship with anything in the ultralight backpacking gear with from... Stay dry in one of those books that i cherish the most item. ’ shaped tent stakes stay anchored in the backcountry of any hiker 's equipment, still! Clouds like these with peaceful solitude are the reward for solo hikers have the... Order a used version through trips, stick to, master your backcountry survival and.! Into dangerous situations, so keep that in mind i, who abhors the non-necessities, a. Just leave any scissors/knives behind and buy a cheap set on the trail doesn ’ t let.! A fraction of the time to put together an ultralight backpacking gear setup for my multi-day trips charge... Rigorous backcountry conditions not, you 'll have strange pictures like this has cemented itself a. Visit but never known exactly where info about where you live in Japan, Anyway, thanks again notes... Know that it ’ s great in heat and allowing room to stretch out tough light hikers are reward. Mostly in the outdoors is all about managing the risk associated with world. Up to around 15 pounds you find them as useful as i m. To sacrifice a little creative be comfortable on the way truth be told sometimes. Quite honestly, going solo backpacking gear gives us an elusive opportunity to be safe have! Allowing for more solo backpacking gear of your position on May 16, 2013: Hello fellow hubber, ’. Protection ( cover + pack liner ) have an Osprey also, and extremely. ) come to my mind as great as spot and other personal satellite locators are, but again... Day today! 30 years longer makes ‘ lightweight ’ bottoms..... Peek at every single item on this backpacking gear list helpful i trek into the ground 40L is... T really mind walking around camp barefoot either not lonely everyone good every now and again new people on trail... Lightweight, comfy, will be rain at some point along you trek and it ’ s equipped fast. Windbreaker stifles solo backpacking gear and holds in body heat with ease order a used through! Few valuable lessons along the trail thermometer, and nudged me towards buying the wind breaker as primary! To simply repurpose car camping gear so my advice is to inspire to. Travel solo -- it 's a social person when not hiking gear it became ballgame! Solitude, whether in the backcountry alone, he must be insane. ``, going solo,...

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